Joseph Tawadros AM – The Art of the Oud – March 2nd


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Joseph Tawadros AM
The Art of the Oud


Joseph Tawadros AM is an oud player. He is one of Australian music’s most impressive and charismatic figures: a composer, improviser, storyteller as well as a brilliant exponent of the oud, the Egyptian lute. Tawadros’s virtuoso technique and adventurous curiosity blends world music, jazz and classical seamlessly and shows his skills in contemporary genres as well as traditional Arabic inspired pieces. Joseph creates music that transcends labels and crosses borders and presents it with easy-going humour and charm.





(all original compositions by Joseph Tawadros AM)

Dreaming Hermit

Work Is Love Made Visible


Permission to Evaporate

Gare De L’est

Reason and Passion

Give or Take

Bluegrass Nikriz

Encore – Forbidden Fruit

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biography of the artist
At 36, Joseph Tawadros is established as one of the world’s leading oud performers and composers. A virtuoso of diversity and sensitivity, Joseph performs in concert halls worldwide and is known for his brilliant technique, deep musicianship and joyous style of performance.

His drive to push musical boundaries has led to many collaborations with significant performers and a solid repertoire of innovative, original music. Joseph is one of Australian music’s most impressive and colourful characters, a composer, improviser and storyteller who has won five ARIA Awards (with a further 12 nominations) over the course of a fascinating and wide-ranging career. Tawadros has taken the unique sound and qualities of the oud – a Middle Eastern lute– and adapted it to the worlds of jazz, classical and world music to create unique and compelling original music.

Joseph’s latest album Live at the Sydney Opera House, performed with Sydney Symphony reached No 1 in the Classical Albums ARIA charts one week after its release in July 2020. Joesph was recently awarded his 5th ARIA award for this album.

“The multi-award winning Tawadros has made a career of blurring the boundaries between middle-eastern classical music, contemporary jazz and Western classical music, and is known for his easy-going stage presence and quick-witted banter.” Limelight