The Leanne Benjamin Awards 2018

We are delighted to support the young dancers listed below in 2018


The Trust contributes to a fund which supports young dancers from Australia & New Zealand.


Zoe Brady is seventeen years of age and was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. Her first introduction to dance was at the age of 10, where she studied multiple dance genres at a local dance studio. Deciding to pursue a career in ballet, Zoe moved to Annette Roselli Dance Academy in 2016, where she received full-time ballet training. In September 2018, Zoe started her studies with the English National Ballet School. Zoe’s goals are to pursue a career in ballet and dance professionally with a company.  Zoe would best describe herself as hardworking, determined and playful. When Zoe isn’t dancing, she enjoys exploring London and travelling.


I grew up on a farm in rural New South Wales, Australia and when I was 4 years old, I announced to my family my plans on becoming a ‘barrelina’. I then began weekly classes at our local ballet school, and when I turned 15, began full-time training and distance education in Sydney. In 2017 I auditioned for the English National Ballet School, where I have been training since. Being accepted into the school has been a dream, and although I’ll always be a true Aussie at heart, I love everything about living in London, and getting the chance to turn my dream into a reality.


Isabel started ballet at age 3 at the Philippa Campbell School of Ballet in Auckland, New Zealand, where she sat all her RAD exams up to and including Advanced 2. In September 2016 she moved to the KMS Dance Studio to complete a year of full-time training. Accepted into the English National Ballet School starting in September 2017, highlights to date include performing for Tamara Rojo and working with guest teachers such as José Agudo, Dinna Bjørn and Roberta Ferrara. Isabel is currently rehearsing for the school’s production of My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty.


Chloe is 18 years from Brisbane, Australia, and was inspired with a love of ballet from a very early age after watching performances by the Queensland and Australian Ballet companies. Starting on her own personal ballet journey at age four, Chloe has been part of the Australian Ballet School Interstate training program along with the Queensland Ballet Junior training program for five years. After being accepted into the English National Ballet School in 2016, Chloe has thrived, refining her technique and enjoying many performance opportunities, including those with the English National Ballet Company. She is currently competing in the BBC Young Dancer Finals for 2019 and is looking forward to all of the exciting opportunities in the future with the hope of joining a prestigious company and being able to continue developing her love for this art form.


Maeve’s journey with dance began in the familiar way; like many, she started young. She was introduced to dance at the age of five when her mother enrolled her in a jazz class in her hometown of Narraweena, New South Wales. However, unlike the story-book version Maeve was decidedly un-infatuated by dancing. Luckily it was the style not the artform that didn’t quite mesh, and Maeve’s teacher eventually suggested her mother Amanda try Maeve in ballet instead… * spoiler * She loved it.
Maeve furthered her training with Lucinda Dunn and Marie Walton-Mahon at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy, Maeve has her eyes fixed firmly on the future. Her aspirations don’t extend to specific schools or companies just yet, instead her focus is fixed purely on ballet –  keep dancing, keep progressing and keep doing what she loves. Which isn’t to say there aren’t tough days, physically and mentally dedicating yourself to something every single day isn’t always easy, especially at sixteen. “The most challenging part of it is coming to ballet every day and working even harder than you did the day before. Because you’re sore and you don’t know if your body will be able to work harder” says Maeve, but moments like the Genée, and stepping onstage in front of an audience make it all worthwhile.

Maeve is now in her second year at the English National Ballet School

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