Awards 2009

The Tait Memorial Trust is pleased to be assisting these fine young Australian artists in 2009

Nicholas Lester, baritone
private lessons

Paul Russell, ballet
Royal Ballet School

The Julian Baring Award
Amir Farid, piano

Thornton Foundation Award

Kate Suthers, violin
Royal Academy of Music

Jonathan Wilson, piano
Guidhall School of Music & Drama

Jessica Lyall, ballet
Peggy Haim Award

Charlie Mellor, tenor
Guidhall School of Music & Drama
Anonymous Sponsored Award

Olivia Sham, piano
Royal Academy of Music
Commonweatlh Bank Award


Chelsea Andrejic, ballet
English National Ballet
Dance Arches Award


Nicola Crowe, flute
Royal College of Music

Grants through partner organisations

Yelian He, cello
Royal Over-Seas League
Y-Squared website

Jayson Gillham, piano
Royal Over-Seas League
Jayson Gillham’s website

Photos by Angus Forbes

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