Applications for Tait Music awards close Friday 27th March

Grant Applications for 2015


Applicants must be:
o Australian citizens
o or domiciled in Australia
o and be under the age of 35
The completed official application form must be accompanied by the following:

CD (DVD/VHS video in the case of dancers)
Photocopy of passport or other official document (proof of age, nationality/residence)
Curriculum Vitae (typewritten if possible)
Two written references from musicians/artists of standing

Please take the time to read the FAQ below.

Applications for Music must reach the Trust Office by the closing date of 27th March 2015 Music Application
Applications for Dance must reach the Trust Office by the closing date of 01 September 2015 Dance Appication

Share completed application with us via our account

If you would like notification that the application has been received please include the request with your application folder.

FAQ for Music Applications

To send your application online please share with us at all of your relevant documents Dropbox folder. Please clearly label each file ie Biography, Track names, Photo etc. Please try and stick to standard formats for your recordings ie mp3 is preferable or provide links to Soundcloud or YouTube

In most cases the grant is paid directly to you in the UK or in the case of Ballet awards directly to the relevant institutions. We ask that Awardees submit a brief report to the Trustees at the end of the year.

As of 2013, with the creation of the new Tait Scholar award at the Royal College of Music, we do fund directly to the institution. For 2015 please do inform us on your application if you wish to also be considered for this award.

Please apply here