2024 Music Grant Application

Music Grant Applications for 2024

Open to young performing artists
from Australia and New Zealand

How to Apply for Tait Memorial Trust Awards

To be considered for an award from the Tait Memorial Trust, please ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements:


a. You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or be domiciled/resident in Australia or New Zealand.

b. Singers, musicians, conductors, and composers must be under the age of 35 as of September 30th, 2024.


a. Before starting your online application, gather the necessary documents and information:

i. Recordings:

  1. Prepare a minimum of two recordings with a total length of at least 30 minutes.
  2. Upload the recordings on YouTube or Vimeo, ensuring they are not private.
  3. Recordings should be no more than 12 months old as of the final application date (Friday, 8th March 2024).

ii. Proof of Identity:

  1. We require a scan, or a copy of your passport or an official document verifying your age, nationality, and residence status.

iii. Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Create a comprehensive CV detailing your education, training, performances, and relevant experience.

iv. Biography:

  1. Write a biography providing an overview of your artistic background, achievements, and aspirations.

v. Cover Letter:

  1. Include a cover letter describing your proposed course of study, the institution you plan to attend, the teacher you intend to work with, and your reasons for pursuing this course at this particular time.
  2. Explain how this opportunity will benefit your professional and artistic development.

vi. For Music Awards:

  1. Obtain two written references from respected musicians or artists.
  2. Clearly label each file (e.g., Biography, YouTube/Vimeo description, Photo description).

vii. Submission Guidelines:

  1. The majority of awards will be paid directly to the educational institution or an approved service provider upon receiving an invoice in Pounds Sterling into a UK bank account.

If selected, awardees are required to perform in concert for the Trust during the 2024/25 UK academic year without any fee.

Audition Recording Guidelines:

  • The Tait Memorial Trust accepts video audition files (except for composers who may submit audio files).
  • Ensure high-quality recording and a suitable environment for your voice or instrument.
  • Repertoire choices should showcase your strengths across different periods and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions:


i. Utilize the standard online form.

ii. Provide links to audio files on SoundCloud or Dropbox and links to PDFs of the scores in Dropbox.

iii. If performance videos of your compositions are available, send video links via YouTube or Vimeo.


i. Submit audition videos of yourself playing two contrasting opera ensemble scenes in different languages (approximately 8-10 minutes each), singing in as many vocal lines as appropriate.

ii. Present one opera aria in which you accompany a singer. Ensure that the total duration of all three videos is at least 30 minutes.

iii. In certain circumstances, a live audition may be arranged at the judges’ discretion.


i. Submit three to four videos of you accompanying singers and/or instrumentalists, covering various styles and composers.

Musical Theatre Performers:

i. Follow the guidelines as listed on the Associated Studios current application form. Click here


i. Capturing organ performance videos with optimal sound quality can be challenging. If this is the case submit audio files instead. Upload video material on YouTube as ‘unlisted’ and share the links via email to James Hancock.

ii. In certain circumstances, a live audition may be arranged at the judges’ discretion.

Jazz Musicians:

i. Submit at least 30 minutes video recording (following the video guidelines as noted below)

ii. It must include 2 standards (with a rhythm section)

iii. one 32 bar minimum original transcription

iv. one jazz blues piece in F, Bflat, Aflat, or Eflat.

v. The reference letters must be from acknowledged jazz professionals.


i. Include the names of at least two distinguished referees from your field on the application form.

ii. Written references should be no older than 6 months from the application date and can be uploaded with the form or emailed by the referees to Tait Administrator James Hancock.


For Video Guidelines and additional information, please refer to the application form.

For any inquiries, contact the Tait Memorial Trust